Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Fever

There is nothing quite like the sweet earthy smell of an emerging Springtime. The cold mornings that force you to keep out the winter coat that then warms up into a sunshine that wraps you in its rays of delight.
Mother nature calls out, "Come to me! Dance on the lawn in delight and spread your arms to my warmth!"
Gardening begins to edge it's way back into my mind and I cry, "please let me run my fingers through he cool ground and smell the musty earth!" With the help of my littlest, we've begun planting season indoors. Pudgy fingers pushing at the dirt and learning the joys of God's creation cause my heart to do somersaults.

Each child peruses the seed aisle and picks out 2-3 packets of wonder and waits with baited breath for the day their little plants will emerge from the dark earth.

Happy Gardening!

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