Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sledding Days

The little "dusting" that the weather forecast predicted yesterday for our region of the South turned out to be a little over 6 inches of heavy snow. That is on top of the 5 inches we got Tuesday and our country roads are still not cleared.

It has been beautiful though! It reminds me of winters where I grew up in the Midwest. My kids (and husband) have been beside themselves with all the powdery whiteness. Luke has still made it to work every day. Today was the hardest day to get out of our drive. Twelve inches of unploughed snow and no 4-wheel drive make for some, shall we say, exhilarating driving. ; D

"Hold you momma?"
He could hardly walk!

Our front yard looks like a winter scene from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

The two older boys made "snow paths." Good Lookin' blazed a new trail and Mr. Smiles crawled behind. I think Mr. Smiles got the short end of the stick!
We do not own snow clothes. You know, the slick waterproof pants and waterproof snow boots and waterproof gloves. No, I don't bother buying them because we usually get only 1-2 snows A YEAR! What is the point of spending all the money on 4 kids who are going to only wear them about twice and then outgrow them?
This year, I wish I had. But, it's too late. Everyone that even has them around here is sold out as far as I can tell.
So we layered, and layered and then layered some more. Good Lookin' doesn't even have a proper coat, but with long underwear, hooded sweat shirt, Long-johns jacket, big brother's size 6 Spring Jacket and then a wind-breaker to help with the moisture, he was good to go.
He could hardly walk at first!!
Rain boots with 2-3 pairs of socks inside work well too and thank goodness for itchy long underwear that has been given to us, but never worn until now!!

We made it slipping and sliding down our country road to Grandmama's house this morning. The snow was too powdery to make snowmen in the morning, but her drive is steep and a perfect sized sledding hill for smaller people. With half an inch of ice underneath 6 inches of snow, it was slick!!

I love my dear hubby! He's big. He's strong, and he could push the kids much faster than I!

Snow Angels deep and beautiful

Good Lookin' trying to wade through knee deep snow in Grandmama's yard

Sledding down the Play set! It was fun all of about once. His face says otherwise. But, he got to the bottom and declared it to be too short.

That's all folk!
Happy Winter!
I am ready for it to be over and the kids back in school!

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