Monday, February 21, 2011

American Girl Doll Clothes

I have to brag on my sister a little bit. She has begun sewing doll clothes for Precious Jewel and both of my nieces.
I can't sew worth anything. I mean I can sew a straight seam and mend or repair things, but that is the extent of my sewing abilities. Not so good for making anything worth while.
Precious Jewel has the now expired American Girl doll Samantha. We gave it to her for her 7th birthday last year. Then for Christmas this year (surprise to us) Grandmama gave her another AG doll. This one was the 2010 Lanie doll. Neither are sold anymore and getting clothes for them that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is almost impossible.
Hence, my sister's sewing abilities (and time) come in very handy.
She is wanting to start looking into selling some of these doll clothes and we have access to patterns for several of the American Girl dolls.
So far, he's what she's done! Lanie's play outfit.
(she cut apart an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt to make this)

Samantha's birthday dress.
You can put the apron on other dresses as well.

I love the detail she put into these! She got the books and made sure they looked like the pictures.

This was another one of Samantha's day dresses I believe. You can put the apron over this one as well and it's really cute!

Samantha's Christmas dress
She made this for Precious Jewel for Christmas

Samantha's nightgown

She wove the ribbon into the lace just like the picture in the book

Samantha's winter cape, muff and hat

The boot covers that pull over her shoes.

This outfit is my personal favorite.
I just really like the rope and detail she used for the cape and shoes and I love the fake fur cap and muff!

OOPS! I accidentally deleted the underclothes picture! If anyone is interested, I can post those at a later date.
So, what do you think the marketability of her doing this is?
We'd like your input.
She's taking orders too if anyone is interested.

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Joy Lindeen said...

Love them!! Ruth did such a great job!! I am sure she could sell them. I'll sure tell my friends!