Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Honey

Ok if you all received a blank post or one with just a picture, my computer keeps publishing before I'm ready for some reason. This is what Good Lookin' and I made for Luke while everyone else was napping today.
They are mini cupcakes.
I have to say I love Luke.
Even when I'm mad at him, he's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I'm watching him right now running around in the front yard with Good Lookin' (who obviously doesn't nap) having a snowball fight in 60 degree weather.
Yes, a snowball fight in 60 degree weather. There is still a good 6 inches of snow in our wooded yard and it's gloriously sunny and warm outside.
(I'll be heading to Wally World later for a couple more pairs of rain boots for the copious amounts of mud that are rapidly appearing everywhere.)
He's home for Valentine's Day this year.
Last year he worked the late shift and we sorta didn't celebrate until that weekend when we just combined our anniversary with Valentine's Day.
He picks me up when I am down.
He gives me hugs and kisses me every day "just because."
He's the ENCOURAGER to my melancholy personality.
He can walk in our house at the end of his busy work day and drop a bad day of work at the door and re-energize just by being with the kids and I.
He's not complicated (like I tend to be).
He's rational when I am not.
He's the steady to my emotions.
He's the VISIONARY when I want to be the planner.
He's a Giver.
He's can get on the ground to play with the kids and enter into their world.
He's a Listener when I want to talk.
He's kind to everyone he meets.
He's my LOVER and my FRIEND.


lauren said...

what a sweet description of your hubby! :) hope you guys have agreat CELEBRATION of valentines day this year! :))

Wendy said...

So, so sweet, Melinda!
Those cupcakes look divine.

Isn't it nice to have our perfect "fit"...that piece of the puzzle with all of the squiggly angles that nestles in just perfectly. Fred is my opposite, too, and our weaknesses are filled by the other's strengths. God made opposites attract for a reason! :)
Happy Love Day!