Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feed the Hungry

It's that time of year again! We kicked off the 2nd Annual Challenge of... sponsored by LAHASH International.

"As the day winds to a close across East Africa, many of our partners and the people they serve will come home to a simple dinner. The charcoal stoves will glow in cool evening air that is filled with stories and laughter. One common meal is rice and beans. In homes made of mud, concrete, or tin, communities will gather and thank God for provision for another day." -Rice and Beans booklet

We want to do our part... This isn't just about Simplifying our diets or eating healthy. "This is standing in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in East Africa who can only afford simple meals like rice and beans."
This is Sharing in a simple way by cutting back our excess to help feed our brothers and sisters who may otherwise go hungry at night.

Do my kids like this idea? Not so much, but hard things are caught and taught. They don't come naturally do selfish hearts.

The booklet wrote this for kids: "Many years ago God sent a man named Isaiah to tell the people of Israel a message. They were showing off while they fasted for a day. But at the same time were being mean, not sharing, and not obeying God. Do you ever do good things just to show off? God doesn't like it when people show off. He wants people who are honest, kind, and share with people even when others aren't watching. Today try to do good things even when people aren't watching you."
My kids still complained about dinner.

Then we showed them the video story of Sauda's Plate.
That silenced their grumbling. I choked up and had to stop eating even though this was my 4th or 5th time to see the video. Sauda is HIV-positive. Her mover died several years ago from HIV-related illness and her father went to another city to look for work.

They were spellbound.
Sauda is 14.
She lives alone.
Many nights she goes to bed hungry.
I pointed out to my children that the only time that they ever went to bed hungry was because they didn't LIKE dinner not because they didn't Have food to eat.
Sauda was just one child who was helped last year by the Rice and Beans Campaign.
We as a family are praying that double as many people will be helped this year.

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Leisha said...

Dear Haak Family,
We at Lahash appreciate your sacrifice so much. As a person who gets to live in Tanzania with Sauda and the kids like her, I am so touched by your care for her. Thank you for sacrificing your favorite foods so that Sauda and the other kids in our partnerships can eat healthy, nutritious food. You are making a difference in East Africa, and I pray that this experience of eating rice and beans every day is making a difference in your life and in your hearts. Stay strong and be blessed!

Leisha Adams
Lahash International