Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Record Snowstorm!

Yes, yes, this is another "Snow post." You just have to understand that our average winter snow-fall is less than a foot or so. Last night; once again, it started snowing. The weather channel yesterday said 2-4 inches of snow for our area. Ummmmm....they were a little off. Like about 20 inches off. In just 12 hours we got about 3 YEARS worth of snow on the ground outside! This is my dear husband standing out on our back deck with a very inaccurate but fun way to measure the snow we'd had by 9am this morning. Our back deck is half covered by the eaves of our house, so we're not really sure how much we got but check out below....

SERIOUSLY CRAZY for here! In case you can't see too well, it shows just over 20 inches.

This was our deck after during last weeks storm. Scroll back to the top of the page and behind where Luke is standing is where that chair still is laying tipped over. Can't see it? Neither can we. It's buried!

This is the view from our bedroom window looking across the house to the back deck. The chair us under that pile there somewhere.

The kids begged to go outside to "play," so Luke took them out. We weren't about to let Nater Mater go out when we saw how deep it was. He's only about 2 feet tall himself!
Good Lookin' waded around in the snow that was waist deep on him and then fell down right after I took the above picture and totally disappeared.

This is the year I am REALLY WISHING I had snow boots for all the kids. For now, these are "Southern Snowboots." Ya gotta have someway to keep your tennis shoes dry!
We were blessed to be loaned a coat just yesterday for Mr. Smiles. He was so excited and Good Lookin' was happy to have something waterproof when we handed him Mr. Smiles coat.
Good Lookin' was just a "tad bit" cold after falling face first into the snow.
Our front porch where I had just finished chipping away the last of the ice yesterday.
Those 'thigh high' little hills are our azalea bushes that are now buried. You can't even see the snow fort the kids had half done because it's now buried!

Precious Jewel trying to make a new path through the snow.
She didn't last too long.
The kids had fun "plowing" their way to the shop and goat shed. We're a little worried about the lean to. The weight of the snow is making the roof sag inward and we don't have a good way to get up and clean it off. I offered to climb up on Luke's shoulders and try and sweep some off with our big shop broom but he didn't think that was such a good idea. Something about me hitting him in the head or kicking him in the face or something.

We've made sure our pets are dry and even the wild cats are in the garage with our dog. (They are keeping an ever-so-respectful distance by staying under the car and away from her). We've made sure everyone has fresh food and warm water.
We didn't forget the little birds in all this. About every 30 minutes I'm taking pieces of stale bread crumbs and dropping them out onto the back patio where w usually feed them. They've been flocking right next to the window for the crumbs. I have to keep throwing it out because the snow keeps burying it!
I'm beginning to think the kids will be going to school all the way up until July. There certainly won't be any school for the rest of the week!

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Wendy said...

Isn't it crazy?! I'm still shocked and awed by this weather! Truly, I just felt like a little kid again, and couldn't wait to bundle up with the kids and test the depths of the snow sea!
:D Love all the pictures! I need to throw more bread crumbs out for the birds tomorrow...