Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Goats

They have finally arrived!
It's like Christmas all over again at our house.
We thought they were due 3 weeks ago and finally we went and counted the exact days back to the week we had Tree bred. They were due this week and they came right on time.
Luke and I had planned to go out for our Anniversary this weekend and we've been waiting anxiously for the babies to arrive.
Literally 10 minutes before our babysitter showed up to keep the kids for the night, the little rascals were born.
Needless to stay, we left late for our weekend away (and we didn't mind).
The black and white baby is a boy and was very appropriately named Oreo by Mr. Smiles.

The little girl who is a beautiful mixture of brown, black and white is still as of yet un-named. The kids have tossed around the names Belle, Emma, Flower, Adalea,

Oreo is spunky and very curious. He loves shiny buttons and zippers and is pretty bold for a newborn baby goat.

This was the first sign of curiosity that "little girl" showed. She has been very timid and shy. But this afternoon when Nater Mater was climbing around their pen, she thought he smelled "interesting."
Yes, yes, he needed a diaper change.
Ah, all babies are a little smelly.
The kids have each claimed a goat for themselves, but we have told them that the only way they get to show one at the fair is if they take care of it.
Today they got the first "opportunity" to clean out a smelly stall. Needless to say, they thought it was gross.
But oh what motiviation to get a cute baby. ; D
Let the real chores begin!

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