Monday, February 14, 2011

Caught In the Act

This is a little update on Nater Mater and our issues with his sleeping habits. We've stopped giving him naps much of the time. This day though, he'd fallen asleep about 5pm and slept for about 30 minutes before I could wake him. He thought he'd had a full 2 hour nap I guess, because these pictures are taken at 10pm that night. He's obviously still WIDE AWAKE. He thought I didn't know that he was up and in the hall outside his room. He is quiet but not THAT quiet. I snuck around the corner and took a picture. He's got one little foot propped up on his other knee to support his book. He looked so darn cute!
I made a little noise and then took another picture.
He's trying to look asleep. Sorry little guy. Momma knew what you were up to.
I left him alone for another 30 minutes. He simply pulled out book after book after book until he got tired, crawled to his room and climbed back in bed.
Night! Night!

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