Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Month of Rice and Beans for Dinner

Quotes from my family courtesy of their month-long rice and beans "torture."

"What gross thing are you making for dinner tonight?"

"Open mouth. Put food in. Close mouth....yes, you do have to chew it."

"Mommy, thish is just too weird!"

"Do we really have to be Solitaire?" ( we have to stand in solidarity?)

"Wow mom! This one actually tastes good!! Do kids in Africa get this one?"

"Can we just eat this one for the rest of the month?"

(Day 3 of 31) "Is the month over yet? I need pizza."

(In reference to the one above) "Mom, I've had this one a lot. Do you have another kind?" (speaking of rice)

"Can't we just send them money, so they can buy something that tastes better?"

"Next month, can we eat hot dogs every night?"

I am laughing and groaning as I remember and write. I've never had more complaints and near rebellion at dinner time by my children as I have this month. But, I am also really excited that we did discover some new recipes that Everyone really liked! Yes, we had a few gagging sessions and "if you throw that up, you'll clean it up!" "talks" at the table. My 3 year old (who amazingly has complained the least) has gone to bed with very little to eat more nights than I can count. Yet, he has shown the most excitement at the prospect of sending money to other children.

I pray my children will have learned something from this whole exercise...most of all thankfulness and an awareness of others around them.

If LAHASH does this again next year, we'll be right there with them.

I think we'll celebrate with Pizza and Cake when the month is at end.


erin said...

Could I post this on the eatingriceandbeans blog?

We've really enjoyed the thoughts from your kids!

And yes, we will be doing it next year!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

I think a big pizza and cake party at month's end sounds good. And let them add as many sprinkled as they want!! :-)

Soaring High said...

Not a problem Erin. I would like to write that they had more profound thoughts, but they didn't. Maybe next year when they are a little older. LOL

erin said...

I love the combination of honesty and comedy!! We'll look forward to you joining us next year!