Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Monkey at the Zoo

Tuesday we went back to the zoo with Luke and another friend and her kids. We all had so much fun and it was just a couple of days after our big snow. It was a gorgeous 60-some degrees. The kids absolutely loved the all the animals and most of the snow was melted by then.
Tonight as I was tucking Precious Jewel into bed, she dramatically declared that the zoo day was her best day ever. "I loved the penguins....! the flamingos....! and the monkeys!" (All said with hands in the air and dramatic flair.)

She then giggled that the monkey really liked her and she'd like to go back and see it again. The monkey she was talking about was lunging at the glass at her. Precious Jewel would move and the monkey would jump at the glass, fangs bared, screaming and banging on the glass. Luke and Sara and I just stared at her and the demon-possessed little monkey sort of shocked and sort of scared. I had images of the lady whose face had been ripped off by her friend's chimp and was breathing a prayer of thanks for thick layers of glass. This little exchange went on for several minutes and even with all the kids lined up laughing and pointing against the glass it kept screaming and lunging at her.

So when she said tonight that she liked it and it liked her, I shot out (my big mouth), "honey, it wanted to rip your face off!" She looked at me and said "but if it had gotten out, you would have kept me safe right?"

Me: "Yes honey! Daddy and I would have gotten a big stick or something and beaten it over the head or something like that."

Jewel: "I would have jumped on daddy's back" (me thinking: it would have ripped his face off!)

Jewel: (very thoughtfully) "what if you didn't have a stick?"

Me: "I would have grabbed Nathaniel's stroller and beaten it or something. (now in case you wonder why I would even consider that, Nathaniel's stroller was being used for carrying the diaper bag and lunch bag. He wanted to walk far more than ride).

Jewel: (sternly this time and obviously not remembering that Nater's didn't ride much in the stroller the entire day) "mommy, you would have taken him out first before beating the monkey with it wouldn't have you?"

Oh dear. = )


Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

haaahaaaaaa! Gotta love the things kids say!!
I love her absolute assurity that she is safe with her mama and daddy. So precious and right.

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Btw, whenever I try to leave a comment, it puts me right back to the top of the page. Then, when I type my comment, it puts me back at the top yet again, and I have to scroll back down to do a word verification. Something seems messed up. Maybe it would work to do a pop-up window for comments? That should be an option when you customize. :-) Hope that helps.