Monday, March 8, 2010

More Beans and Rice

Today afforded another opportunity for my children to learn thankfulness. We have now eaten beans and rice for dinner for about 4 days. Last night I threw together quick pbjs after SPARKS just so I could quickly get them to bed after they'd eaten.
The kids still are not fond of the idea and we'll see what tonight's dinner brings in the "compliments" department.

Next day:
Wow! Last night was a success! I was all stealed for a deluge of complaints and whinning, but they loved dinner! We had the Bean and Rice Breakfast with Spicey Avacado Sauce. The kids looked at it with discust when I put their bowls in front of them. But after the "try it before you don't like it" speech, they all took ity bity bites and excitedly exclaimed, "I like it mommy! this is good!"
I was more than happy. It'd been a rough late afternoon and evening in the thankfulness department and they'd had several large privilages revoked for the evening.
I had picked up both older kids from school and took them grocery shopping with me for an ailing friend. I explained to them that we were there to pick up this person some items for making dinner for them--not for ourselves. Mistake number one that I made was letting them talk me into getting each one a treat that we don't normally get after they had already been warned about whinning.
Mr. Smiley, who was less than smiley that afternoon, whinned the whole way home about this and that and Precious Jewel asked why we couldn't get more stuff for ourselves.
I sucked in a sarcastic comment and called Luke saying I needed backup when I got home. They were wearing on my nervs and had been for several days.
Luke gently pointed out that I should have NOT allowed them to talk me into buying stuff for them when they were whiny to begin with. When we arrived home, he sat them down and explained that thankful hearts don't whine and beg for what they don't get. This is one of the reasons we are doing the Rice and Beans for a teach thankfulness. He put up the treats and informed them that they no longer got to have them. One child understood. The other grew louder and promptly declaired that his friend's parents let them have whatever they wanted when they cried so why couldn't he. We pointed out that wasn't true and even if some parents let their children throw tantrums to get what they want, we weren't one of them.
The whinning didn't stop, so 4-H for the night flew out the window as well. I was disappointed. I hadn't gotten to go with the kids yet to their once a month club and was looking forward to going that night, but it was a good lesson for all of us. The whinning stopped. Luke played with them for probebly the next hour while I fixed dinner.
Then came dinner. I read a blog title Solidarity to the kids and once again tried explaining the word. They were quiet and thoughtful and identified with the helping at the Ronald McDonald House and kids being sick and families not having places to stay. I linked that with kids in other countries and eating rice and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Then we ate and this time liked dinner. (Not due to our discussion, but that they acctually liked it).
We have one week down and 3 more to go.


Anonymous said...

I think this is such a good idea. I know many kids cannot comprehend what most of the world lives like but when you start at an early age and teach them one step at a time it becomes more of a reality. Maybe sometime in the not to distant future you can visit us and see some of the country people we work with who have very little, no kitchen, nor bathroom and so many things we think are essential and it will be something that will really reinforce the values you are trying to teach them. But don't give up. It will be worth it in the long run.
We love you and love your pictures.
Your Dad

Soaring High said...

ha! I didn't even realize this had published! I got interupted and I had a whole bunch more to write! I'll finish it later today. I'm still figureing this whole blogging thing out.

erin said...

Could I publish this on the Rice and Beans blog as another guest post from you? We've thoroughly enjoyed your posts and your kids' responses here in the Lahash office!