Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hansel and Gretel

We've had a house of sick kids this past week. Mr. Smiles woke up Wednesday morning with a high fever, severe sore throat, chills and body aches. I took him to the Dr thinking it was the flu. The Dr. thought is was the flu too, but they also tested him for strep. It ended up being strep.

About 6 hours later, Nater Mater started acting fussy. He too had come down with a fever and then started in on his cough until turning blue cough. He ended up having some sort of respiratory virus thing that he gets every few weeks. It's due to his having asthma and weak lungs from his bouts with RSV.

Today both he and Mr. Smiles were up and running but Good Lookin' is now running a high fever. Luke had to work, so even though it was my first day to teach Mr. Smiles Sunday school class, we ended up calling a sub and staying home.

The older 2 spent most of the morning doing crafts and coloring and took care of a pitiful GoodLookin' whose fever was hovering around 104. Poor guy just layed on the couch, clutching his Lightning McQueen sippie cup, and slept on and off all morning.

The TV would run for an hour, then we'd read for an hour. Then it'd get turned back for another hour (or 2). Then get turned off again to give us all a break from the glaring screen.

At one point, Mr. Smiles and Precious Jewel broke out the last of the Valentines Candy. I was reading books to GoodLookin' and Nater Mater and looked up to see Mr. Smiles walking backwards around the couch, through the living room, around the other side of the couch and then down the hallway...all-the-while dropping little bits of something I couldn't figure out. I put the book down to check it out. It was little pieces of bright pink Nerds (his Valentine's Candy). Then came Precious Jewel after him, crawling on all fours, picking up the candy and eating it.

After watching this game go on a while, i asked what they were up to.

They both declared that they were "Hansel and Gretel", but that they were the ones who got to eat the candy instead of the birds.

I love their imaginations.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my sweetheart. I just read your Hansel and Gretel blog, and enjoyed it so much. How is little GoodLookin'doing? How is Nater Mater? Did GoodLookin'have the flu, or strep? I hope you're all a lot better. Our camp left this afternoon. It was pretty intensive, but good. The funeral for our friend was this morning in McAllen, and according to Grandpa, it was the best one he'd ever attended. We wish we could have been there, for our team's sake. But God knows. I'll try and call tomorrow. I love you! Mom