Saturday, March 20, 2010

That was Yesterday. This is Today

Yesterday we went to the Zoo. It was a glorious sunny day and 2 friends, their children and I and my 2 youngest carpooled the 1 and half drive to the Tulsa Zoo. We only got to stay for about an hour due to the traffic and lines getting in and out of the zoo, but honestly, with 8 children ages 8 and under that was long enough. I took hats because I had not yet bought sunscreen, but they wouldn't keep them on.

Our lion friend. Nater Mater grunted, pointed and growled through the fence.

The line of our little tots

Roasting hot dogs in the fire pit that evening.


Nater Mater stomping in the muddy snow

Our little flowers that have not yet bloomed and I'm crossing my fingers that they'll survive.

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