Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Happenings

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I decided to put up my favorite pictures and write a little piece about each of them.

Precious Jewel was given a feather and decided to write a letter with it and a small cup of paint. She found it a lot harder than it looked in the illustrations of her books, but she had a great time.

Nater Mater got his first feel of mud. I abandoned the camera after he fell in it face first. He then discovered the baby pool that still had 2 inches of snow water, and delightedly muddied up that water.

More water play. This kid is going to love the pool this summer!

The kids were all home from school on Good Friday, and we were invited to play at a friend's house with their kids. Good Lookin' has grown so much this year. A year ago at this time...well even 9 months ago...he refused to go anywhere. Every Monday morning I attend the Mom's In Touch prayer group. Good Lookin' sees the same 4-6 little kids every week and is just now at the point where he is excited to see them. He has come to love little Cloe and Noah and it was precious to see them playing and laughing together.

Good Lookin' is my "Little Helper." He loves to be right there "assisting" in whatever Luke or I are doing. Here he is watering our non-existent lawn and flowers. The dogs have pretty much dug up any remaining grass.

Nater Mater absolutely loved my friend Elizabeth. He kept crawling up into her lap and following her around. She sat in the swing with him for a good 10 minutes. Every time she would slow down, he would kick to tell her to go again. Just before we left, he again crawled up into her lap to just sit and snuggle. He is my precious little baby.

The kids are so excited to help with our new garden! We went to LOWE'S and bought our supplies. I love to garden..whether it's flowers or vegetables. Being outdoors is so wonderful to the body and soul. Each of the kids brought their piggie banks and picked out their own garden tool. I had to drag them inside after just an hour so they could eat supper before bed! Oh and yes, Precious Jewel does have 6 piggie tails in her hair. And yes, we did go to LOWE'S with them in her hair. = )

Mr. Smiles was so excited about his new shovel! All the kids tools were made out of metal, so they should last for a few years. We'll have lots of happy worm hunting and grub digging as well I'm sure.

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