Wednesday, October 26, 2011

These Ordinary Days

It's Fall here in the Ozarks
Today I looked out and noticed the trees had suddenly seemed to explode with color...waving around their brightly colored leaves like Joseph showing off his coat of many colors.

Soon, it will all be gone.
I'll go back to longing for days of sunshine, kick up an extra dose of Vit. D, and thank God once again that I now live in the South where winter is not so cold and sharp.
It been a quiet month.
Normal busy, but quiet.
I've been writing down my list of Thanks.
Another friend called it her "beholding list."
Beholding God's handiwork and blessings.
I like that.
Moments to Behold.
It sounds Holy.
It sounds like one should stop an ponder who gives us these moments to "behold."
Where do these simple moments of His Goodness come from?
We completely miss them if we don't slow down to look.

Here are a few of the things I wrote down in my Gratitude Journal to behold.

Behold# Sweet Kittens who live their lazy lives on our back deck basking in the sun.

They are my kid's friends. These are their children that they carry around the yard like baby dolls wrapped in blankets.
These are the friends that they naughtily launch out the front door by their back legs when caught sneaking into the house and under the kitchen table.

Behold# Today's leaves said that He loves beauty and peace and quiet.
It was almost reverent to look out at the color.

Behold# A beautiful Fall Day when friends and the 4 kids and I went to a local festival.
I felt like I'd walk back 50 years in time watching these guys cut, core, peel and hand out their apples.
People sat on the curb chatting, laughing, bluegrass music played in the town square, feet tapped to tunes of a different era. A different time.
I could have sat in the shade all day watching people meander past.
The usual and unusual hawked their wares.

My children have fallen in love with these colorful animals and save their nickels, dollars and dimes just to search the whole place and buy these.
My favorite vendor?
The doll dress maker (of which I was so busily drooling over her work that I forgot to take a picture).
My other favorite?
The classic wooden toys.

Behold# Large Bubble Blowing Stick.
Mr. Smiles launched it to the side to create "the world's largest bubble" and promptly lassoed a giant drippy bubble over an un-suspecting lady passing by.
I was horrified.
She was shocked.
Mr. Smiles was embarrassed but delighted.
Can I hide now please?

Behold# The joys of little boys, babies and bubbles.
Baby belly laughs anyone?
Nothing can be more cute.

Behold# Little boy who desperately needs a haircut and allows himself to be put in ponytails just for the humor of his sister.
(He got a haircut that afternoon).

Behold# Daddy is home for a day.
And, he finally gets to put up the lattice work on the back deck that we've been talking about since we moved into this house 3 years ago.
No small child is allowed out the back door for fear of the wide rails and the 2 story drop off the back deck.

Behold# Little boys who watch and copy every move a grown man makes.

They pulled out all their "power tools" and worked at the kitchen table just like "daddy" (Mr. Luke) until they were allowed outside.

Behold# Fall gourds and the wonder of toddlers and preschoolers.

Behold# I finally answered my daughter's request to paint the Eiffel tower on her bedroom wall.
I'd agonized how I was going to do that until I saw a picture on the Internet.
Easy Peasy Pie!
Black Sharpie anyone?

Behold# Friends, their sweet kids and fire pits.

Little boys and sticks and fire make for dangerous entertainment.

Gooey Chocolate and sticky marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers make for a simply delightful and horribly messy evening.

Behold# little friends to climb and jump hay bales with.

Behold# Unplanned captures of quiet moments that are sweet and rare.
He was sitting in the window singing Be Thou My Vision when he thought no one was looking.

I interrupted the moment and he hopped down to roll the pumpkins across the living room floor, around the couch and out the front door.
Just because.

Behold# Cardboard boxes and the hours of entertainment they provide...

...until they are played to bits.
(withing about 48 hours in a house full of boys).

Behold# I want to stop and give thanks and be full of his wonder in these Ordinary Days

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lauren said...

:) it makes you wonder if ordinary is really very ordinary. loved this. :)