Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Coffee Filters, Rainbows and Markers on Glass

I've been back in the crafty mood with the kids.
I'm sure this is partly due to us being indoors a little more with all the crazy up and down weather we are experiencing right now.
The boys being confined indoors? Not so liking it.
So, I'm trying to keep them occupied and be creative at the same time.

I found these old coffee filters waaaay back in the back of our cupboard that hadn't been used in 2 years and amazingly enough, I hadn't thrown them out yet in my endevour to declutter.
Our coffee maker doesn't use the paper filters, but still, they were there taking up space and I have re-purposed them to the craft cupboard.

Coffee Filter Flowers
Water Color Paints at the Dollar Tree and Coffee Filters occupied a child who was sick two days last week, her little brother,

and 2 high energy toddlers on a cold rainy day.
(Gotta' love the sippie cup love this one still has).

Then, then yesterday Precious Jewel came home from being out with Grandmama and brought the other kids a fun surprise.
Window Markers!
Have you seen these?
They are so much fun!

Good Lookin' has surprisingly been the most enthralled...decorating nearly every square surface of our front window.

Mr. Smiles immediately colored snow flakes on the back door.

And I had lots of fun adding stems and swirls to their coffee filter flowers!
Happy Fall!

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