Friday, October 7, 2011

In Love with Fall

And on a completely different note:
Fall Decorating is the Easiest of all least if you live in the country.
I think though that anyone can collect Fall items to decorate with.
We have these huge nuts that are falling by the dozens every day in our yard.
The kids love them.
The Black Walnuts we also have falling everywhere simply trip you up and twist your ankles.
We have about 5 different nut trees in our yard that are dropping like crazy right now.
The squirrels are running around like the mad little creatures they are; dashing down the trees, into the yard, grabbing and running for their little lives before our crazy puppies get to them.
They are impossible to get pictures of this year.
The puppies think it's one huge game of chase and tag.
The squirrels?
Not so much.

They are huge!
You have to put them in the freezer for an hour or two to kill any little "friends" that might show up in a day or so after being brought into the warm house, but after that they are great decorative items.

I've given the kids buckets to collect whatever nuts they want and it's another form of treasure hunting in our little neck of the woods.

Then we put them in these fabulous-for-anything Mason Jars along with Christmas pine cones and Dollar Store leaves and they make a great little Fall Decoration!

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