Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun Fall Craft

I found another fun and cheap fall craft to do with the kids off of Pinterest this past week and it's the perfect time of year to try it with the kids.
I had 4 of the kid's little friends over this past Sunday after church.
Luke was working and honestly they do better with friends over on the weekends when daddy is gone.
The girls all wanted to do some painting while the boys were marching around in the yard with their light sabers.
I had them all collect the biggest leaves they could find that had already fallen and bring them inside where I had set up the paper and tempera paint.

I still have a little bit of tempera paint left over from homeschooling Abigail in Kindergarten 3 years ago.
I'm going to have to find another source that has those same big bottles of tempera paint because they came with her curriculum and they lasted these 3 years!!

The girls had so much fun. The more colors they used the better it looked.
We learned you have to turn the leaves over and paint the rough spinney side.
I want to try water color but I'm not so sure it will work.

Then you flip the leaves over and press them onto a piece of paper.
I have loads of half-printed-on scratch paper and they just stamped onto the "clean" side.

We were able to stamp and peal the same leaf multiple times and the design was more detailed each time they stamped and pealed.
They were so cute on how they carefully pulled off their leaves to reveal the colored rainbow leaves.

Pretty rainbows!
I want the kids and I to do some more with just fall colors and then cut them out to hang in our front window.
Wouldn't that be a pretty fall garland?

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