Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Friends

I took these pictures about a month ago but am just now getting to share them.
This is the daily dream of little boys.
If I let them, every day they are outside exploring, climbing, "hunting," imagining and making a new adventure.

This day, for some reason, I had no baby and instead had a little boy that I babysat for last year. Nater Mater asks to see M almost every day.
If I say no that it's not possible, he begins to cry and asks for J and S.
Change is hard, so I try to set up play dates for him to see the little guy.
Even small children make special friends.
These two have a special little bond.
This day, I told them that I could take them to the hay bales that are lined up row upon row in front of our property.
They are an invariable wonderland of adventure

Our nimble and oh-so-tame kittens-now-almost-cats bound after them and spring up onto the sides up the bales much to little boy's delight.

Good Lookin' can jump from bale to bale with relative ease; spanning the sometimes wide gaps that were left this year.
His skinny legs propel him from bale to bale in a surprisingly graceful action for one so un-coordinated.
He gloats that he is "big" and the "little boys" have to be helped across.

They are fine.
After just a few short minutes on top of the terrifyingly high bales they would much rather plant their feet on the firm ground to play hide and seek. They are forever searching and running in the tall grass between the huge bales.

Friends are important to even little people and i want to help my children create healthy friendships even when small.

There is nothing quite like the love of a friend.

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