Thursday, August 4, 2011

Introducing Ginger and Junkyard

Several people have asked for pictures and I've been so busy downloading the pictures of Disney that it's taken me some time to get these.

We picked them up just 2 days after we got back from Florida.


Not so great.

I started back to work the day after that.

But when something or someone is ready, timing is not of the highest importance.

We'd promised the kids we'd find them a new dog (or dogs) when our sweet Leah left.

We even decided we'd buy a dog this time around (aside from pound fees) if that's what it took to get the right one for us. i.e. the breed we wanted.

Our list was short; Lab, Boxer, Golden Retriever or another Beagle.

All are great with kids which was the highest agenda for us since we have little people all the time.

All are smart and easy to train (easy is subjective).

These little sweet puppies were given to us by some friends from our church.

I'd been calling around to shelters and kennels and such and then someone told us that our friend's lab had just had 11 puppies.


Meet Ginger

named after the character Ginger in Eleanor Este's book Ginger Pye

She has a lot to live up to with such a name. She wasn't too happy about her bath when we brought her home, but she sat quietly in the baby pool and just looked up at me with her deep soulful eyes that very clearly communicated I was torturing her.

The cats?

Well, they weren't too sure of these wiggly, playful bundles of intrusion bouncing into their lives.

The puppies very quickly learned that even if someone was batting at your wiggly little backside, it was not wise to play back.

One might just loose some skin off of one's nose.

The puppies would hop and jump around each other in circles and around the kid's feet. The kittens...they were highly entertained.

They would sneak in close to the puppies and then scamper back to the safety of the sidewalk if they felt they were in any imminent danger of being bowled over.

Nater Mater was happy to join them on the sidewalk.

Excuse the continual underwear pictures.

He is totally potty-trained and wants to do it "ALL BY SELF."

So the less clothing, the better when we are exerting our independence here. Shorts just take waaaaaay too long to get off and inevitably an accident happens and tears ensue.

His little friend Cupcake was happy to join in a somewhat quieter boy with a quieter view.

Remember Cupcake who really doesn't taste like a cupcake?

He and Nater are tight friends.

The brother Junkyard was named after the infamous Junkyard dog on the old hit cartoon G.I. Joe
My dear hubby recently has begun introducing the boys to the good old classic cartoons such a G.I. Joe and Transformers and we both love and have instilled in them a taste for the Bugs Bunny and Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.

None of this new stuff please. Just give us the classics and our kids will name their animals in love after them.

Now that the potty training is accomplished with child number 4 in our house, we can begin potty training these guys.

And the Adventure continues!

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Wendy said...

Oh they're so cute! Wish they stayed that size though....