Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School and Show Time

My heart is swelling with sweet momma pride this week.

First, my oldest 2 started back to school this past Monday.

Precious Jewel is now a 3rd Grader and has moved schools.

Mr. Smiles is in 2nd Grade and moved upstairs in his building.

We are really happy with the teachers that both kids were placed with.

Precious Jewel is again in an all-girl's class and her teacher is a sweet lady who has attended our church in the past.

Mr. Smiles got the only male teacher in all of his school. His comment (along with his little friend) was, "He's one of the Secret Agents mom!"

From what I understand, they have Secret Agents that go around the school during lunch, recess or assembly time "catching kids" being good.


This is also the week of our County Fair.

In the past, we've done the "normal" family thing and visited the fair, but we've never participated.

This week Precious Jewel was allowed an excused absence from school so she could care for her little goat at the fair.

Last year both of the kids expressed interest in showing goats after visiting the animal pens in our yearly rounds of the buildings.

We decided to give it a go this year with our one little registered Alpine Doe that was born this past Spring.

The journey for "fair preparation" began weeks ago.

Only Precious Jewel showed this year due to us only having one baby. (Her momma came straight from the field and is still difficult for the kids to handle at times. She is also the master at escaping from the pen and eating my garden.)

For the past 6 weeks, Precious Jewel has been drug through the yard, stepped on, had arms wrenched out of joint, and cried buckets of tears all in attempt to train her highly spirited little Doe Morgan to lead.

Yesterday in the Show Ring was the test and they both passed with flying colors.

Since Mr. Smiles was not showing this year, he was not exempt from his first week of school, but the rest of us (including Grandmama and Papa) got to watch her from the bleachers.

Can I just say that it was about 95 degrees and sweltering?!

They had to walk their goats, answer questions from the judge (who Precious Jewel told me was as nice but not as funny as Sharon Osborne from America's Got Talent), and then walk some more and then some more and then do it all again.

We are so thankful for how kind and helpful we have found everyone.

The other dairy goat owners, judges, and contestants have been warm and welcoming to us newbies.

Two other little girls came right up to Precious Jewel on her first evening entering Morgan and showed her around the place, gave her tips on showing in the ring and even helped her walk Morgan.

It did a lot to ease Precious Jewel's fears.

The whole Show lasted about 2 hours and we honestly were totally confused as to what was happening.
Precious Jewel just paid close attention and did whatever was told of her and it paid off!

For her age group and for Morgan's age, she won a Medal and the Blue Ribbon for Showmanship (all that being drug around the yard and scraped arms and legs paid off).

She then won the Blue Ribbon for Morgan's age group (0-5 months).

This ribbon was for the best built and best looking baby goat. (It's still a bit beyond me).

The judges base it upon how wide or long the back and legs and shoulders etc etc....look.

Basically, will she grow up to be a healthy milker and have a long life.

Last, and the one she was so excited about was the Purple Best of Breed Ribbon she got for Morgan.

It meant Morgan beat out all the other little Alpine Breed Goats for best over-all baby.

Way beyond what we expected for her first ever goat show!


Joy said...

2 things -
1st - how hilarious Precious Jewel likes Sharon Osbourne!! She is pretty nice I guess ; )
2nd - CONGRATULATIONS to Precious Jewel for all her hard work!! Loved the pics of the goat show!

Soaring High said...

Just to clarify, she has ONLY ever seen her on America's Got Talent that we edit for her to watch with us. All the kids love the show, but we watch it several nights later (or a month in this case, and edit out all the nasty acts. She has no idea who the Osbournes really are. ; D

Soaring High said...

She's in love with her though and was really scared she'd get a "mean judge like Pierce" instead. ; D

Wendy said...

Wow! Congratulations! I have no idea how to judge a goat, but it looks like your daughter did a great job. She will remember this for the rest of her life!

Soaring High said...

We honestly had no idea either Wendy. We just went into knowing we'd do our best and learn a lot. We did!!! A whole lot! The ribbons were just icing on the cake for us and her.