Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Luke!

Happy Birthday dear sweet hubby!

I am so thankful I married you.

Once again, you are now finally as old as me!

This year was the first year in our 9 years of marriage that my parents got to be here for Luke's birthday.

They had just arrived from Mexico where they have retired from missions and got to spend the weekend with us before traveling on up to where they will live in the Midwest.

The kids love spending time with them and we got a bonus of daddy having the weekend off...on his birthday weekend!!!

That hasn't happened since I can remember.

We spent most of the weekend just hanging out in the yard.

It was still 110 degrees, but we have a lot of shade and if we went out early in the morning (6:30am) and late evening (8 or 9pm), everyone tolerated the heat better.

Thank goodness for the weather change this last week to cooler temperatures because the 43+ days of 100+ temps and 60+ days of 95+ with no rain was killing our summer..not to mention any and all vegetation.

Grandparents are wonderful for swinging, reading and cuddling with the kiddos.

My dad brought out his accordion which fascinated me as a child and now fascinates my children.

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Happy Birthday to you!


Happy birthday to you!

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