Sunday, July 31, 2011

Florida Trip...Pt.3..The Beach

That 3rd vacation day was probably my favorite.

I finally drug myself out of bed just before breakfast at 9:30. Pretty much everyone in our suite was still asleep.

I didn't want to miss breakfast.

I could miss any other meal of the day, but I LOVE breakfast.

And the hotel had these great little Mickey Mouse waffle makers that the kids loved.

(Not to mention myself after I'd sprinkled it with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, regular syrup and whipped topping. Yes, all of that. It was vacation after all).

We just hung out at the hotel that morning and let Baby K get a good long nap and the other kids a chance to swim in the pool.

Then just before noon we took off for Jetty Park near Cocoa Beach.

On the way we stopped at this great little Pizza place to each lunch.

It was fabulous!

None of my kids have ever been to the beach and Jake and Jennifer hadn't been since A was about 2, so we weren't sure what to expect with all the kids.
They LOVED it!!

The flags were at a yellow and there were some pretty good waves that the kids dove in and out of and were rolled over by several times, but they jumped back up again as if that was something they did every day on our little farm.
I had a hard time getting any pictures of Mr. Smiles because he never came out of the water until it was time to leave!

Doesn't K look like a little 40's synchronized swimmer?
Poor baby was so tired after 3 days of go go go and was not terribly fond of the beach and all that sand that kept getting into her eyes and all that kissable little baby fat.
But she sure made a cute feature on the beach front!

We had to keep a close eye on Nater Mater.
The kid had no fear even after getting tumbled and rolled in the surf!
Several times we had to swoop down and grab him up because he couldn't get himself righted.
Not once did it seem to faze him!
He just went right back to getting smacked in the face and rolled by the waves.
I think he could happily make the beach his friend!

Good Lookin' was the one I was a bit concerned about before this whole trip.

In a word, he was WONDERFUL with just about everything we did!

No fits, tantrums or refusing to do what everyone else was doing.

He definitely let it be known that he was "never going on that ride again mommy! It was yucky!" when he and daddy got stuck in the dark on the People Mover at Disney when they shut it down for about 5 minutes with everyone still on.

But no screaming was involved.

Just 2 weeks before our trip we were talking about the beach and swimming in the water when he broke down in the most heartbreaking little sobs I'd heard out of him in a long time.

He wasn't angry or mad, but he was very very distraught.

After 20 minutes of cuddling and rocking and trying to figure out why he kept sobbing, "I don't want to go to the beach! I don't want to!" I learned he was afraid of...not the water or sharks or being swept away, but the Sun.

Yes, the sun.

He hates the bright sunshine and has worn his sunglasses and hat throughout this long hot miserable summer we're having here.

(It was 105 today, and has been in the upper 90s or in the 100s for almost 2 months straight now).

He's my nature loving boy and loves being outside, but is hating this heat.

Anyhow, Florida was waaaaay cooler than home and he thought it was "wundeful."

Precious Jewel?

Well, she posed in the water, out of the water, jumping the water, under the umbrella, and wherever else I'd take her picture.

I think she thought her day at the beach was her own personal photo shoot.

She got plenty of sand and water time too and it was very sweet to watch her laugh and run with her brothers and cousins.

Everyone was pretty spent for the day by the time we got them (sorta') lined up for this shot.

A few of the little side-liners kept trying to scoot out of line and head back for the surf (mostly the little guy in the McQueen shorts on the right).

But after a bit of bribery and 1 make it or break it shot, we let them run free and we packed up to head back to the hotel.

I could have lived this lovely lazy day for several more days.
I could live by the beach forever.
But forever by the beach is not possible when you live several thousand miles away and even the best days must come to an end.
I'll just look up all these sunny pictures some cold day in winter when the wind is howling

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