Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Easter Garden

Our Easter Garden

I found the idea of making an Easter Garden with our Children's Church Class here.
It was beautiful. They loved putting it together and it helped to bring another piece of the Easter Story alive.
Palm Sunday I wanted to cut a bunch of branches for the children, but after counting the number of children and the number of branches on my own Palm frond, I decided to look for something different.
We trekked to LOWES for the plants and I pulled a large rock out of our yard for Jesus' tomb.
We put it together as a class as part of our story Palm Sunday morning and then waited for the rest of the story for coming Easter Week ahead.

The teacher the next Sunday lit the lights and told the rest of the story in the quiet and candle lit room.
I was unable to be downstairs and get the pictures of all the children in the quiet and dark, but they talked about it the whole way home.

Did I mention that this was the first Easter that Luke has been home for the whole day since before Nathaniel was born?
His work rotation landed on Easter this year and it made the day extra special in spite of me not feeling so hot.
The Garden now graces the front steps for us to remember EVERY DAY when we walked past the reason for His Sacrifice.

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