Saturday, April 2, 2011

My First Big Home Project (Aside from Painting)

Having a large family (large with all the extra children in our house) means that furniture gets worn out quickly.
Luke and I were given this pretty dining room set by his mother a few years ago.
It was pretty for all of about 2 days before the first of many spills and pees, and drips and drops caused us to move the table downstairs and undercover in storage, but we needed the chairs.
We are using another table that seats 12 and it is usually nearly full if not full with many little bodies that could care less about the life of my furniture.

This Spring I decided that they were not only ruining the cloth but were soon to ruin the wood seat altogether if I didn't do something soon.
I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for some new fabric and PLASTIC.
We've covered our loaned to us and VERY NICE Kitchen Table with a special cardboard cover, a tablecloth and heavy plastic.
It's worked for the last year.
I've never covered a chair in my life nor seen one done, but I unscrewed the seats to these babies and went to work.
After all, they couldn't look much worse.

I tired first to use a regular staple gun, but with the thick plastic that I was covering my fabric with, it didn't go all the way through.
Enter---my dear hubby and his Air Compressor.
That things shot the staples through just fine.
(I may be deaf for a while though)

I feel pretty good about my first project!
Now they can spill and make a mess and I can just wipe it up.

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lauren said...

GREAT job!!! see--- power tools are your friend. ;)