Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

This last week Precious Jewel and Mr. Smiles had a whole week off of school for Spring Break. They have to go to school several Saturdays due to all that snow we had in February but that's for a different post.

We left late on Saturday evening and drove the 9 hours north to where I grew up in the Midwest.

I had not been home for any length of time since my first year of college 14 years previous.

We made it at 2:30am and just in time to go to bed for a few hours and then get up for church with my family.

The reason we pushed to get there by Sunday morning was to see my dear niece being baptized. She has been raised in a closed country over-seas where my brother and his wife taught English, so this public baptism meant a lot to the whole family in many ways. It was so neat to be able to be "home" in the church I had grown up in and to see all the amazing changes that are taking place.

The next day we drove out to the land that my brother and sister-in-love have recently purchased. It had an OLD OLD farmhouse on the property with a couple of barns and other outbuildings and such. It stood in stark contrast to the hundreds and thousands of acres of farmland that surrounded the old place. Everything there is flat flat flat. Where we live it's hills, and low mountains, and trees upon trees upon trees!

They live in perfect crop farming country, but apparently their little plot of land has the annoying little creek that runs through it and makes in difficult for farm machinery. So it's considered useless for farming.

That is, unless you want a little piece of paradise plunked down in the middle of nowhere.

It seemed a throwback with the creek and the old buildings to the Banks of Plum Creek book by Laura Ingals Wilder The house hadn't been lived in in about 20 years and it looked as if whoever lived there previously had just gotten up and left one day. They found all kinds of stuff on the property. My sister-in-love showed me around and it was like treasure hunting.
Old Tractors,

Barns with numerous 'skylights,'

sinks and a claw foot tub

doll carriages,

shelves and old cupboards

This tractor hadn't been moved in so long that a small tree had grown up right through it!
Old machinery
2 old potbellied stoves!
and they' dug a small pond to build the foundation of the house they are going to build after they tear down the old one.
the kids spent a long time running around, climbing trees, digging in the dirt and sand and pretending
It was country paradise!

The next day I got to go to my youngest brother's first ever track meet. It was so fun to see him run and all these other kids that i had babysat like 15 years ago. I'd last seen most of them as toddlers and preschoolers!

I am officially old!

After that day, it got cold!
We spent most of the rest of the week indoors playing with toys and reading books and playing games.

I think this was the same old wooden shoe that i grew up with.

Either way, it provided a great energy outlet for Good Lookin'

We had a girls day shopping on Wednesday and that night my brother and his family and our family and my dad all went to the circus in the town next to us.

It was seriously the best circus I'd ever been too!

I didn't have any decent pictures because my camera hates the indoors unless the subject is standing totally statue still.

I took my niece and Precious Jewel to this cute little tea place downtown.
they had a dress-up corner where you could pick out things to wear for your Tea Time.
All 3 of us giggled and laughed changing hats, earrings, gloves and scarves multiple times.
One is never to old for dress-up!

The morning we left it snowed a couple of inches!

We arrived home in time to spend 2 days with Luke's Aunt and Uncle from Arizona and his cousin from England who had flown in for the weekend.
She has 2 adorable little of whom is just 6 weeks older than Nater Mater.
All-in-all it was a great Spring Break with family and friends.

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