Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Culteral Diversity

I was thinking about my family this week and how I and my children are so blessed. We don't have to fly to a different country to see someone different than us and beautiful. We just have to visit family.

My heart is beginning to long to adopt again. I've sort of stuffed it down deep in the recesses knowing it was there like the little child who'd been left behind and crying for someone to come back for them.

I've given the excuses of new marriage, new baby within the 1st year of marriage. Move within the first year of baby. 3 job changes between my husband and I within that first year. House payments, diapers. Another new baby within the year after the first and before our 3rd Anniversary. Another job change. Another new baby and bed rest and then move and then so on and so on. Add in another baby after that another move, another job change and we're into 9 years of marriage and the topic of adoption has bounced back and forth between Luke and I, but I've said, "no!" I can't take any more right now!

Then there is this crazy mom on facebook who likes Luke's cousins who work at World Orphans (who have also adopted) who keeps posting stuff on adoption and foster care (which we've also talked about), and I'm beginning to feel inundated...but in a good way.

Following me? I'm not sure I even am.

My brother adopted a sweet adorable, highly intelligent precious little fireball from China. My brother married my sweet Sister-in-Love from Mexico and they have the most adorable little children. Both countries and families are represented in the above picture.

(He's the oldest and was just as "enthusiastic" about re-enacting the Christmas story as Precious Jewel).

My kids were privileged to meet their new cousins from Ethiopia this summer and then to get to play with them a second time in the late Fall. Abigail fell in love with them all.

We also have cousins from the Philippines and an Uncle from Vietnam who I can't get the pictures of to load.

I think my kids are blessed to have the best family in the world.

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