Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day! Playin' in the White Stuff!

It finally snowed here! We only got an inch of soft powdery dry snow, but it was enough that they cancelled school (we don't have enough de-icing equipment in this area to keep the roads here clear). It's funny to think of school being closed when it took several inches of heavy snow covering the ground for anyone to cancel school where I grew up, but I'll take it!
It was COLD! I think that morning was about 9 degrees when we woke up and it never got about 20 something. The kids were soooo excited to get to stay home and play in the snow...until they went outside. Then the only ones who wanted to play for long were Mr. Smiles and Good Lookin. They zipped around on the little four wheelers slipping and sliding all over the ice covered drive.

Precious Jewel and Nater Mater bird watched a lot that morning. That little white dot in the middle is a bald eagle perched about 100 feet off our deck. These are times I really wish I had something more than a little hand held camera. We've been seeing anywhere from 1 to 4 bald eagles flying by our back deck every day now. Soooooooo much fun!!!!

Cardinals are often found hopping and skipping across the deck.

This little (well big really) Blue Jay came right up the the window where we were sitting and pecked on the window. "Good morning!" It seems to say.

M Much of our day was spent in quiet activities in-between bundling up the two oldest boys who remarked that they were bundled a little too tight. I was excited to use their new hats and mittens they had gotten for Christmas. ; D
They would play outside about 20 minutes and then come dashing back inside yelling, "It's Cold!" strip everything off and run for the big quilt on my bed.
This was repeated about every hour until I said, "enough, stay outside or stay inside, but pick one or the other."

Giant Puzzles which hadn't been put together in a while were pulled out of the closet.

Precious Jewel began to learn how to make friendship bracelets. (A good activity for one who needs to learn patience)

Lots and lots of painting and drawing.

The kids were handed down an old desk from someone in our church
and Precious Jewel has sat at it every night drawing with scratch paper and my old Art Books.

Pretty Good for her first horse drawings I think!

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lauren said...

how lucky you are with all your birds!!! all we get our robins and squirrels... and naughty cats. :)
and what a good mommy to getout puzzle pieces and painting all in one day... i have the patience for one or the other. :)