Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Days and Counting Down

(my camera lighting is a little dark)

This year I joined another blogs challenge at the call of another bloggy friend Wendy (who if I could ever figure out how to put links into my blog, you'd just click on her name and go to her site) to do some art work. 12 months. 12 challenges. I was game!

I love art. I was constantly drawing as a kid and I'm sure went through stacks of my parent's scratch paper. I've never had any real art classes. I have an aunt who is an artist and as a grade school girl, she taught me A LOT. Pretty much everything I know, but when I got to college and started taking Illustration Classes just for fun, I realized I was missing a lot of basics. Such as: colors, perspective, proportion, you know, a lot of the very basics. So I just grabbed every book I could get my hands on and began reading and drawing, and drawing and drawing and then ventured in watercolor and painted and drew some more.

I'm still most comfortable in pencil, colored pencils and water color and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to study people and their faces. So for this months challenge I bit off something I haven't touched since I got married nearly nine years ago (LITERALLY). Portraits.

Because it's what I love best. I feel rusty and cramped and creaky, but the more I am flicking that pencil the more I feel as if this little Tin Woman is loosening up and it feels so good!

I have 5 days to finish my challenge before the next months challenge is posted.
And as in many things in my already busy and full life, I've put off what isn't the most necessary until the end. The next 5 nights I have to crank out 5 more people for my challenge. I'll try to give a daily update.

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Women Outdoor Hunting said...

lookin' good, melinda!!! go!go!go!