Monday, January 10, 2011

Rock Angels?

I think I'm going to post a few of our classic Good "Lookin' Moments.

We live just far enough south that we do get a lot of cold but not a lot of snow.

Where everyone in the Midwest and the North are getting hammered with snow right now, we got "fairy dusted." (Precious Jewel)

Good Lookin' romped quite happily outside yelling, screaming and chasing the dog.

I took a still puking Nater Mater out to the shop to see daddy (who doesn't leave for work until after lunch today) to see if it would cheer him up a bit. He actually got on his little trike and pushed around the shop a few times. On our way back to the house, me carrying Nater Mater and Good Lookin' skipping along beside, Good Lookin' turned to me, "mommy, I want it to snow more. Rock Angels aren't as fun and they kinda hurt."

I looked to where he had been playing a half hour earlier on our rock drive and saw where he had valiantly tried to make snow angels in the rocks.

"Yeah, bud. I think snow angels would feel better too."

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Wendy said...

Awwwww....poor thing! Rock Angels....we in the south have learned to make do. LOL!