Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mr Mighty Mind

My mom gave me this little box a couple of years ago when I was homeschooling Abigail I think. It has sat on my top shelf until recently because I didn't want the tiny tots to lose the cards or throw or eat the pieces.

I finally pulled it out when we had a cold snap last month and no one wanted to go outside.

Good Lookin' loved it and I started showing him the "puzzle" on a day where it was just him and I and Nater Mater. He spent nearly an hour moving pieces around and trying to make them fit in the colored boundaries to make the various pictures.

The cards are numbered 1 to like 30 (I think) and go up in varying degrees of difficulty. It's a good project to see even where they are developmentally. He could puzzle the shapes up to card 9 by himself and then needed help.

Then we pulled it out the next day when his little buddy J. wasn't inclined to take a nap and I needed something quiet for them both do together so the others would sleep. I had Nater trapped in his room and playing by himself happily and quietly and the other 2 two-year-olds were taking their naps.

By himself, J couldn't get past card 7. He is just about a year younger than Good Lookin'. But together, those two little brains made it to card 15! Way to go guys!!

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Living Creatively said...

Awesome!! We have the pieces, but not the cards. Any idea where I could get them? Or what they're called?
So fantastic that it kept an energetic little one occupied for so long, especially being a Brain game!! Have you heard of Rush hour? We really like that game, too (look it up on Amazon.) It has levels of difficulty, so Trev (kindergarten) can play it, but it's also fun for me! And it's another quiet game.

Hey, girl. Are you going to make it to Art Night this Saturday? Hope to see you there!