Sunday, July 31, 2011

Florida Trip 2011--Pt. 2

We arrived at the park just after it opened and headed straight for Town Hall where Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the Princesses were signing autographs.

The girls were excited to see Mickey and Minnie, but the boys did not share their sentiment.

I think waiting in line for 30 minutes killed all excitement for them.

Even Mr. Smiles who is usually fairly compliant refuse to smile and looks more constipated instead.

I asked him later what was wrong and he answered that "Mickey was way to big mom. Way to big."

Ok. that makes sense I guess.

So, Luke took the boys over to get a Fast Pass for the Buzz Lightyear ride and they also rode the People Mover while we girls went to meet the Princesses.

I'm not sure what I was expecting when we were to meet the Princesses, but it wasn't what I thought at all.

This may sound ridiculous, but it was honestly an emotional experience for me!

Precious Jewel has outgrown the Princesses and hasn't really cared about them for the past 2 years.

But these ladies played the Princess part to the hilt.

They truly acted as if every little girl in line was the only little girl in the world and their best friend.

The girls (including Precious Jewel) fell instantly in love with them.

Baby K was totally mesmerized.

Precious Jewel hugged each and every one of them and they hugged her back with the sweetest genuine heartfelt hugs.

I got teary watching them!

I know. Don't tell anyone. ; )

Belle was funny and talkative and little C just wrapped her arms around that huge skirt and didn't want to let go.

I thought I was going to have to drag Precious Jewel out of the room so the 50 other mesmerized little girls would get a turn to chat and hug and get an autograph with the Princesses.

We made it to the Buzz Lightyear ride only to find that it absolutely terrorized half our little clan.
It wasn't fast but it was loud and very much like being inside a shooting video game.
I'm pretty sure that a couple kids thought they were going to be killed by the Evil Zurgs who were popping up around corners and hanging from the ceiling.
I thought it was pretty cool myself and just kept hollering over the noise to Good Lookin' to "shoot em! Shoot em! Look at all the points your getting!" to keep him from going absolutely ballistic like his terrified cousin 2 cars in front of him who had been placed in a car without an adult.
Hey, who knew that fighting the space aliens could be so intense?
We left there to go find Adventureland and the promised rides for our excited 5 and 7 year old boys.

Cinderella's Castle

Several times a day the characters performed at Cinderella's Castle.

We were passing by when we caught this performance.

Then it was on to Adventureland and Swiss Family Robinson's Tree house.
I am not one for heights, but the kids loved it.

We had planned on a couple more rides, but by 2pm, our 4 littlest ones were near meltdown and needed naps if we were going to watch the Electrical Parade and fireworks later that night.

So we headed back to the hotel and everyone...I do mean everyone crashed.

I slept for 2 hours and could have slept through the night if allowed!

By 7pm, we were headed back into the Magic Kingdom.

It really was beautiful at night.

The kids oohed! and awed! at all the lights.
Luke took Mr. Smiles to the ride he'd been begging to go on since the moment we entered the Park.

The rest of us secured spots an hour before the Electrical Parade was supposed to start.

Then the Magic Began....

Big Ben from Peter Pan

Pete and his Dragon.

Pete leaned over and hollered down to our little group in the front row.

He yelled out to little A much to her surprise and delight.

The Patriotic float was amazing. It had electrical fireworks that blinked on and off.

Our kids being as little as they are thought they were real fireworks at first.

Cinderella's Castle changed colors dozens of times and the fireworks...

....were AMAZING.


Wendy said...

Ok, I wanna go! I'm scared to take a trip to Disney b/c I've heard that it's just so big, and so expensive, and just TOO MUCH. But your post makes me want to go. Maybe in about 5 years when J4 is older.

Soaring High said...

I'd definately SAVE SAVE SAVE and go. We'd like to go again too in about 4 or 5 years when Naters is older and can enjoy it more.