Friday, July 8, 2011

New Puppies!

Here they are!! We don't have them yet. The puppies are only 4 weeks old, so we won't get them until the first week of August, but the kids are sooooooo excited! This little girl is Ginger. She's named after Ginger in the book by Eleanor Estes. No matter that Ginger Pye in the book is a boy; it's the color that counts.

We haven't exactly decided which boy we want yet. We know we want the brown girl, but the boys are still un-decisive about what boy we'll bring home. And yes, the name is still Junkyard. I'm hoping they pick the biggest one. At least he'll fit his name!

When we saw them last week, their eyes were still mostly closed and they were still scooting around. This week, everyone was bright-eyed and taking wobbly little puppy steps. So cute!

We can't wait until they are weaned, and having two should help the separation from their siblings. More picture to come when we bring them home!

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