Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Visitor

One of the benefits of living in the country is experiencing nature first-hand.
For several nights we have been observing this little fellow eat whatever cat food the cats have left behind.
My compost bucket is also regularly raided for fruit scraps.

Usually he doesn't appear until after the kids have gone to bed, but last night hunger must have gotten the best of him. I'm sure many things were washed away in our recent flooding.
He looked miserable and wet, but dared the early evening light to scrounge on our back deck.
He looks like he's hissing, but he seemed to be trying to tell us he wanted us to throw out more food.
At one point he came right up to the glass where Precious Jewel had her nosed pressed and seemed to kiss her with his little wet nose.
She was delighted and squealed which sent him running to the back of the deck and nearly scampering back down the pole.
A few days ago we looked out in the early evening and saw 6 young deer wandering through our front trees just about 200 feet from the house.
That time Grandmama got to see and hear the delighted squeals and attempted glass pounding by Nater Mater.
Now that the cold seems to be leaving us and the warmth arriving, I think we'll be seeing more of our little woodland friends appearing in our yard.

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Shady Creek School said...

I love watching the animals. We had a raccoon sitting in the middle of our yard eating the other night during dinner. Timothy looked over and said " Look a raccon" sure enough there he sat. :) We haven't seen many deer yet, but we ususally don't in the summer months. We see them more in the winter.