Wednesday, May 4, 2011

100 Days/ 100 Years/ 100 Slimy Slugs

The kid's 100th Day of School was a couple of months ago, but yesterday Mr. Smiles brought home the sheet he had made out for his class on that day.
I thought it was rather insight full into the mind of an almost 7 year-old boy.

I wish I had 100 Dollars
What would you do with 100 Dollars? Buy 10 toys that cost $10
What would you do with 100 kisses? I don't know
What would you do with 100 slimy slugs? Keep them as a pet
What will you do when you are 100 years old? Play with my kids.
You have been in school for 100 days.
What has been you favorite thing? Making friends

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