Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be Thou My Vision

I have had a lot on my mind lately.
Many things have happened here recently that have caused me to have to dig even deeper. Search a little farther. Face things I don't like or don't wish to face. Fears. Longings. Disappointments and Hurts that I thought had been given up or forgiven, but have poked up their ugly little heads like weed shoots in my garden. Weeds searching and groping to destroy the ground that has been torn open and wounded only for the purpose to sow tender seeds of hope and forgiveness.
"Still be my Vision!" I call out to the Ruler of All.
God, do not allow the father of Lies take back the ground of grace that You have sown. The only way to truly experience His tender mercies in my life is to extend His Grace to others. For I am imperfect. I want Grace extended to me.
I want the High King of Heaven to be my Victory Won...to expose the lies that Satan so skillfully whispers into my ear.
If I judge or point fingers or refuse to give the benefit of doubt to a story I've heard, then I am nothing more than the woodcutter who has fallen over his own log and impaled himself on his own ax.
So I cling to His Word and stand on His promise of Grace and Forgiveness because I want the same for my life.

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