Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Lookin's Graduation

I have to say I'm proud momma today.
Our little Good Lookin' graduated from Preschool today with flying colors.
They did a slide show of each of the little graduates and wrote a bit about each child.
Luke and I nearly fell out of our chairs when one of the points they put next to his picture and name were: Plays well with Others
Oh good heavens! It has happened!
He's done it!
He's attend a whole semester of preschool without any major meltdowns or bodily harm to himself or others.
And we never received a single negative phone call.

His favorite Job: The Weather Helper and he got to do it again on his last day of school.

His shy kitten-scratched little face.
He was very proud to wait and be handed his little diploma.

One of his "best est friends" was in his class.
He was honestly blessed to know over half of his class which was a huge help his first day of school.

Congratulations Good Lookin'!!!

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