Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Tooth

YES! The FIRST TOOTH has been lost. My little Mr. Smiles has crossed another growing up milestone in the tooth arena.
He has been excitedly wiggling it for a couple of weeks now and Monday night daddy pulled it out for him.
Mr. Smiles insisted on putting it in a plastic baggie with a note inside for the Tooth Fairy. He dictated the note as this:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
Can you please leave me my first tooth and still leave the money? I want to keep it. Thank you!
He went to bed right away because we told him the tooth fairy couldn't come unless he was asleep and if he stayed away, then the tooth fairy might have other appointments to keep for little children who did go to bed.
I don't think he honestly believes in the tooth fairy, but we had just watched the Tooth Fairy movie and he was all excited. He's still my cute little guy.

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