Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Reunion

A couple of weeks ago Luke and the kids and I drove several hours north to see my side of the family for a weekend. Two years ago, the 17 of us cousins decided we wanted to hold a family reunion so that we could all see each other. We all grew up spending just about every holiday together and even though we were all getting married and having our own children were/are still quite close.
Last summer it took place over the 4th of July. That didn't work this summer so we all agreed upon a date at the beginning of August. I must say that coordinating that many people and 3 separate countries is not small task!
My cousin Julie also planned her wedding for that weekend, so that many of us could be involved.

Here is Luke with just a smidgen of us. Is that even a word? Even though many of us hadn't seen each other since last year, we picked up where we'd left off--awwing at new babies and exclaiming how much every one's kids had grown.

Precious Jewel and her cousin Elisha. They are just 3 months apart and like two peas in a pod. Now you all can help me out on this one. Elisha's dad and I are first cousins. Does that make Elisha my second cousin and make her Precious Jewel's third cousin or a cousin once removed. I need some help here.

Next comes Nater Mater and another cousin's daughter Jayme. I may have spelled it wrong but I'll be forgiven. These two were a bundle of trouble together. I think they are only about 6 months apart and they were a quiet but mischievous duo.

Grandpa and Grandma Estelle just sitting back and enjoying all the grand kids.

Funny little story here. Dear little Good Lookin' did not quite understand that my parents had not yet made it up to the States and were not in attendance at the family reunion. He was convinced that my Aunt Sandra was in reality "Grammi" and could not be convinced otherwise. He followed her around like a little shadow and kept saying things like, "I'll help you with that Grammi!" "Let me carry that! I'm strong!" and so on. He is not an affectionate child if he doesn't know you. In fact, I have to keep a close eye on him in a crowd of strangers (which much of my family is to him) because he is liable to spit in some one's face on punch them or declare that they are ugly (no joke).
I am beginning to see that it's his way of getting people to stay away from him because he gets so uptight in a crowd. We are working on politer ways of removing ourselves from uncomfortable situations.
So the fact that he followed my aunt around and bestowed upon her all the affection his little heart could muster was precious. No one minded that he was a tad confused. We gently explained that this was his great aunt and not "Grammi," but after the half dozen or so times we pointed this out we gave up. He'd figure it out soon enough. For the weekend, my aunt had an adopted grandchild.

One thing we all like to do when we get together is talk. Of course, who wouldn't. My aunts, cousins and cousin-in-laws can spend hours talking together. (at least the girls) On several occasions my dear husband walked through the room and stated the rather obvious..."you guys are still here talking!?!" Ummmm yeah, welcome to my family dear. This could go on for hours if little ones weren't involved.

Not only do we like to talk, but we like to play games, laugh and make general fools of ourselves. It's great! The longer we go, the sillier it gets (as you can see). I love it!!!!! There is no agenda. There is just us and being together and catching up on each other's lives.

We also go to spend time with Nathan and Sandy whom we hadn't seen in 3 years. They were fresh back from China and more than a little exhausted. Good Lookin and Gracie are only about a week apart in age and by the last day were following each other around. They are so much alike in personality it's uncanny. I wish we could be closer.

I just had to throw in a picture of my adorable little niece. The last time we saw her she and Good Lookin' were only a year old! She graciously (haha) let me snag a picture of her.

Precious Jewel was so excited to see her cousin Anna. We hadn't seen her since she was Precious Jewel's age. Anna patiently put up with seven year old silliness and gained a loyal follower.
It was a great weekend!

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