Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Manuel on Finding Lost Children

I have had an epiphany. Have you ever lost one of your kids and after calling and calling, they still didn't reappear? You knew they were in the house or around the yard, but were playing their own game of hide-and-seek of which they had forgotten to inform you that you were the counter.
I have a sure-fire way to find those little rascals when they don't want to be found. Hope into the shower.
Yes, the shower. Or, go to the bathroom. Everyone knows that once a mother is in the shower or on the pot that the patter of little feet will soon be heard.
I do look forward to the day when I am in the shower and don't have to grab the inner shower curtain to keep some curious little eyes from playing eye spy on mommy. There is also the child who is determined to hop in with me and stands there at the edge of the tub half-gasping at the water that is splashing onto his face and and half-whining/giggling to get in with me.
It is a no-fail that once I have them fully occupied with something--whether it be a cartoon, crayons (one is still eating them), toys, whatever it may be and I am sure I will be able to get a quick 5 minute shower, that within 5 seconds of me turning on the water, their radar-sharp ears will send out a signal that it's time to leave whatever it was that had fully occupied them and run for the bathroom where I am trying to get clean.
WHY NOT LOCK THE DOOR? Well, there have been times that due to a serious fight breaking out and one child pummeling another on the floor that I have had to jump out of the shower, grab a towel and make a mad, drippy dash to break the offenders apart. In that case, my shower is simply over and I hope that the water has at least washed off some of my offending smell.
I have simply decided that if I can't find one or two of my precious little rascals that I will go straight to the bathroom, strip naked, and hop into the shower. I am sure they will quickly come out of hiding and hunt me down in the bathroom.

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Living Creatively said...

HA! It's so true!!
I just may try this next time around.