Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ben's Kindergarten Graduation

This year we were very very blessed in our first endeavor with Public School. I know not every year will go so well, so I am so thankful for this first one. I also know grade school is significantly different than middle or high school.
Mr. Smiles was very blessed to be put into the coveted co-teacher classroom with Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Dunn. Both teachers have been a wonderful influence on Mr. Smile's life and he has loved being in the classroom.
This past Wednesday his class put on a little Spring Program for their parents and families. As usual, Mr. Smiles put his whole self in the performance. His smile and laugh just lit up the room and he had everyone around him laughing as well.
The kids performed 5 stories that they had read that year and they were so cute to watch!

Here is Benjamin in The Three Little Pigs. He is the pig who built his house of straw.

The Three Little Pigs getting last-minute performance instructions for Mrs. Fox. = )

"I will go out into the world and build my house of straw!"

They also acted out The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Mr. Smiles was a giggly little fly.

After the performance, the teachers and students held a little reception in their room to hand out their Kindergarten Certificates. The teachers had also taken pictures of the kids doing various field trips and activities throughout the year and each child compiled their pictures into a little notebook about their first year of school. Mr. Smiles was so excited to show us his trips to the Pumpkin Patch, The Walton Arts Center, The Safari and classroom events. He had written little captions above or below each of his pictures.
We will miss his teachers next year!

This is Mr. Smiles in his first public performance as A little Pig. Yes, that girly-sounding scream is his.

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Living Creatively said...

I've met both Dunn and Fox, and they seem like just lovely, caring, efficent ladies. So glad he was blessed with a great first year! :-)