Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Birthday Week

Last week was the craziest week we've had in a while. Both Mr. Smiley and Good Lookin' had birthdays. Good Lookin' turned 4 on Monday and Mr. Smiley turned 6 on Wednesday. Monday evening we had Good Lookin's party with just family and one little friend he had asked to invited.
Grandma asked to get all 6 grandkids together for a picture with great grandma. They were none to cooperative as you can well see. This was the best picture of the whole lot. Great grandma was enjoying herself even if no one else was!

Good Lookin' asked for the same cake as last year...the dirt cake for Lightning McQueen. Luke gets the credit for the idea. It was awesome to see his face! Not this very worried little face you see. Grandma had just lit his candles and blew out the match only to blow out his candles too! Everyone around him was laughing, but poor Good Lookin' was more than slightly distressed. She quickly re-lit them and by half-way through the singing of happy birthday he began to smile. I loved his little face!

Blowing out the birthday cake himself this time!

Little friend and Good Lookin' enjoying cake. Black frosting was hard to get and I was surprised no one's teeth came out black after eating the frosting!

I just love that face!! He is too precious!!!

He had been begging for this pair of Lighting McQueen pajamas. Veins were popping out of his neck in excitement when he opened them up and saw what they were. His expressions are sooo funny! At least we never had to guess what he's feeling!

Then on Friday we celebrated Mr. Smiley birthday. It was a night and day difference between his and Good Lookin's birthday. Good Lookin does not enjoy large crowds. He does not enjoy people he does not know. Enjoy isn't even the right word. He loathes new people and situations. Some might think that we favor Mr. Smiley over Good Lookin' based upon the appearance of their parties. Good Lookin' would have croaked if his party had been like Mr. Smiley's.
Friday evening we counted a total of 20 kids around our kitchen table and the little picnic table and on the floor. Mr. Smiley was in his element.
7 little friends and all their siblings. Wow! We pulled it off!

Happy 6th Birthday precious boy! Sniff! I remember rocking him as a baby!

The much talked about dragon cake. It took me forever to make this thing! I personally think it was awesome. He was so excited when he saw it. You know, it took 6 hours to frost and put together and it took about 1 minute to take apart and devour.

The little clown in his new swim goggles. He can't wait until the pool opens.

Uncle Tony gave all 6 nieces and nephews little Wooly Lamb Kits. Nathaniel would not take his bandana and eye patch off for bed. He went to sleep with it on!
Did I mention that also that same week that another couple of friends and I held a garage sale? Friday morning before the party we spent at the sale and Saturday morning after. It was all crazy....but loads of fun!!!!


Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

The parties look fantastic!!!
Melinda, that dragon cake is ...~wow~... just unbelievable. Great job!!

Soaring High said...

Thanks! I love doing stuff like that. Both parties were a lot of fun for the kids and us.