Friday, December 10, 2010

Night Time Trials

We figured out Nater Mater's night sleeping problem. He's still being a stinker going to bed, but he is improving. A couple of nights ago when Luke was working late and I still had a babysitting child past our kid's bedtime, I just put the older 2 in front of a short cartoon, piled the other 3 in the car and drove to the mailbox. Good Lookin' gleefully layed on the dash of the van, but I had Nater Mater strapped into his car seat. He was snoring by the time with hit the mailbox a quarter of a mile from our house! I did it again last night. Tonight he's sick, so he fell asleep in my lap.
Night time though is a different story. He has been getting up multiple times a night and either crying loudly or just trotting to sibling's rooms or our rooms to "Play."
Dear hubby came up with the plan for us to take turns sleeping in Precious Jewel's bed. (We moved her into the boy's room momentarily) and whenever Nater Mater wakes up, put him back to bed right then. Bless his dear heart, he took the first night and discovered part of the problem.
We have Nater's bed between the wall and Precious Jewel's bed. We thought it would give him a crib-like feel and he seemed to really like it. The toddler bed has a half rail on both sides, so we thought he'd be fine not falling out.
I knew that kid thrashed a lot in his sleep, but I had no idea how bad he was/is! Luke said (and I saw it last night when it was my turn) that he not only rolls from side to side, he sits up, flops over and rolls again. Now his head is at the foot of the bed where he can roll at least the upper half of his body off! The problem was a 4-6 inch space between his and Precious Jewel's bed that he was getting stuck in. Luke told me (laughing) the next morning that Naters is like a little turtle stuck on his back if he rolls off and he can get up, but it took a lot of work. That doesn't fly for an under 2 1/2 year old. I think by the time we were getting downstairs to him, he'd scooted himself out, but he was all worked up and wide awake. I'd be freaked out too!
So, we scooted Precious Jewel's bed over another 6 inches and we'll see how tonight goes.
He has always been my baby in motion. In the womb he was constantly moving. As a newborn, he was wiggly and didn't like to snuggle when asleep. And now as a toddler, he's still the same.
Well, we'll see in another night. Tonight he's running a 102 fever and back in his old crib across the hall from us. He didn't even try to crawl out. Poor little guy!

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Louise Jane said...

Hope he feels better soon.