Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Abigail

My sweet baby girl is losing the little girlishness of small childhood. She's done away with most of the frilly dress-up that she has loved for so long and has traded it in for nail polish and late night chats. Gone are the days of changing her princess costumes 5 times a day, my trips to the store with "Bell" or "Cinderella" in tow. Now, it's the jeans, cute boots and hair accessories. The rolling of the eyes has begun. The, "mommy! please! you're embarrassing me!"

She still smells of sweet little girlishness though. She still likes to snuggle and be picked up when she is hurt. (no small feat now that she is up to my neck in height). I'm still her best friend and confidant.
2 years old grand birthday in Mexico

2 1/2

Her 4th birthday
She's always been a rather girly girl. I've loved it. While she has attended horse parties and animal parties and such for other little friends, she has stuck with her tea cups and crooked finger. I used to feel the need to apologize to other mothers for the repeated tea parties with little sandwiches that she requested year after year. Now we simply invite only those who enjoy it and won't roll their eyes at her in all her finery. Tea parties and dresses and china plates have been a norm all year around. I hope she never totally outgrows that. Some of us are just born for finery.

Just after her 5th birthday and the night before her first lost tooth.

Age 6.
Proud big sister of 3 little brothers. (one happened to be sleeping for this adorable picture that she requested and there was no way I was waking up to join us.)

Found this fabulous little table and chair set at a garage sale this year for her birthday gift. ($5)

With a coat of paint, I turned it into a perfect little set for her room. She's asked me to paint flowers all over it. Happily I will comply.

She was openning her present early in the morning before school on the day of her birthday. I let her stay home for the day for just she and me time. (with 3 little boys in tow also)

My sorry attempt at pink and black zebra stripes.
Thankfully, she loved it even though I was reminded of a pink and black vomiting volcano every time I looked at the finished product.
He toddler brother. Well, he felt the need to "check" on mommy's work. I counted a grand total of 17 finger holes that he made in his sampling endeavor.
Her party this year; again it was very girly. She wanted to go ice skating, but the rink was closed for the weekend due to some kind of competition. So, she chose another "girly" theme instead: pink and black colors with manicures, pedicures and facials. I sort of gulped at the job ahead of me and swung into it. At our house, the birthday child is the up and center for the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are their pick. The color scheme is their pick. The cake is their pick (within my ability). The party plans are their pick. Basically, the day revolves around them once a year (and once a year only).

Happy 8th Birthday Abigail! We love you!


Adelia said...

You know, some bakers have to pay for taste testers--you get one for free! What a wonderful birthday and that table and chairs look awesome! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

lauren said...

:) how wonderful-- and you made me get choked up with all the pictures of her growing up... it just goes tooo fast! happy birthday!!! :) ps... ari has announced a tea party is in the works for next year too. :)

Living Creatively said...

Melinda, the table & chairs turned out perfect!! I knew you'd do a fabulous job with them. :D

Love all of the pictures, too. I'm quite the girlie girl myself. It's a wonderful way to go through life, as far as I'm concerned!

Happy late birthday, Abigail! Sorry I'm so behind with my bloggie friends!

Soaring High said...

I love great little finds and your garage sale Wendy was one of them! Thanks!!!! Hugs!!!