Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Photo Session Fall 2010

Mommy finally got her wish: a professional photo shoot with the entire family.
I LOVE my hubby! He hunted down the photographer, and called me up.
Nater Mater refused a nap this day, but we went with it anyway. I will have to get his individual photos at another date. We were just lucky to get any good shot with a cranky 2 year old and a rather skeptical 4 year old.

Aside from Nater Mater's "angry face," I think we did pretty well!

He was yelling "no!" at the photographer when he was told to smile. What can you do?

My beautiful beautiful girl

Mr. Smiles melts my heart

The ever classic Good Lookin'
That kid is just nuts

But oh, so handsome!

On daddy's lap being tickled so we'd get at least one good shot!
I love them all!
Thanks Gary!!


Living Creatively said...

These are wonderful!!!
I love the Yandells-- amazingly sweet family, super bright boys, and great photography!!

Melinda, burgundy is definitely one of your colors!! Looks great with your complexion and hair.

All of the pictures are great-- I think the bridge one is my favorite family photo-- and that picture of goofy Good Lookin' is just adorable!!

We've never had our family professionally photographed. Maybe someday... :) A girl can dream!

lauren said...

i LOVE the pictures! and only a boy that cute could make an 'angry face' look that sweet. :)

Jess said...

love them! oh, they are gorgeous! i miss you all so so much. i am going to do a better job of keeping in touch this semester.