Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Back!!

I don't even know where to begin. I haven't written a thing since last November and that was a feeble attempt at keeping everyone updated. I've tried to figure out how to fill in the last 8 months! I don't think it's possible, so I'll just start afresh.
I will say this has been another year of growth, seeing God's loving hand, developing and deepening friendships and learning what trust is really about. In the frustration of dealing with the kid's and my health issues, the loss of some income, and just trying to make it through my day before Luke got home so I could collapse in bed, both Luke and I saw God's loving hand and guidance. God was gently guiding Luke and I in our relationship and what servant leadership and submission needs to look like for us. He was teaching me how to be a mother when I had nothing to give because I felt sick all the time. He was beginning to open new doors for us while closing others.
While Luke and I were apprehensive on how we would make it through the summer without me working, He provided every step of the way...sometimes to the exact penny!!! I am learning to let go of control. I am a control freak! I like control. But God is ultimately the one in control of me, my husband, our family and our future. He knows what we need in order to be a light for His Gospel.
I am learning it's not about me. Even in the midst of depression or another discouraging day when I feel as if nothing has been accomplished, my children ate cereal for dinner, I yelled at them and was snarky to Luke, God still loves me. He's given me the strength to say "I'm sorry" (I hate saying I'm sorry) and given me grace in a husband named Luke.
I'm excited to be back! So much has changed in several areas of our lives. I'll have to keep writing and fill in when needed.

                                          Picture of the 4 kids and their cousins this summer

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