Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crazy Fall

It has been amazing to see how God works in our individual lives. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it.
I had no idea our fall would take the turn it did. I've already had a crazy amount of change and mental rescheduling and priority shifting (homeschooling). I am still babysitting a delightfully wonderful little boy who has gone from this tiny little 8 week old at the beginning of last year to a giggling bundle of 17-month-old energy this year.
We also tried a sport his fall with a fair amount of success. Precious Jewel loved it and proved to be fairly decent for a newcomer to the sport. Mr. Smile's team won the championship much to his delight. Good Lookin' was only delighted that the whole thing was over and declared he thought it "was stupid" since he wasn't allowed to touch the ball with his hands. And Nater Mater? Well, if you count the rolling around on the ground and a fair amount of pouting because he didn't want to kick the ball as playing soccer, then I guess he played too.
But in the midst of all that, I got sick. Remember Precious Jewel's eye surgery back in the beginning of October? It was another one of those times I had to help hold her down and NOT pass out while I was inches away from the Doctor who was cutting open her eyelid while she was screaming loud enough to break every glass item in the room. 
I thought I had strained my back in all the stress. I thought that the 4 plus days with the 4 kids on 4 different soccer fields and 4 over-lapping schedules had caused the pain in my back to worsen. Then when just 3 days after Precious Jewel's eye surgery I found myself un-able to pick up a sock off the floor without having to pull myself back up because it felt as if someone had a hot iron prodding me in my left side, I thought maybe I should see the Doctor.
Kidney Infection was the diagnosis and has been ever since then.
Except for post-Nater Mater C-section when I was hormone-crazed and severely sleep-deprived and could barely stand up, I have never hurt so bad in my life.
But you know what? My family...my dear sweet wonderful husband and kids, proved to me that even if mommy falls apart they can and will carry on. Because honestly, I'm still not fully recovered. I spent the next 6 weeks on a crazy cycle of antibiotics and pain meds and trying to function and take care of my kids and babysit, and it was all I could do to make it until Luke got home at the end of the day so I could go to bed and sleep for the next 12 fitful hours.  Forget housework. Forget cooking. Forget cleaning.
My main goal every day was to get the very basics in school done with Precious Jewel, love on Little B and Nater Matter and get a nap when they did so that I didn't walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame by mid-afternoon. All else was non-essential.
Sweet, loving, wonderful Luke spent 6 weeks cooking, cleaning (to the best of his overwhelmed abilities), folding laundry, helping kids with homework, washing dishes and putting everyone to bed BY HIMSELF. He has done all this with a servant's heart and with a tenderness towards me that has deepened my love for him in ways I never knew possible. I know he has been stressed and tired, but he has tirelessly loved our kids and me and seen very little in return.
On top of that, several friends either brought over meals or came on at least 2 occassions to help clean house. The blessing of friends is huge! Both Luke and I are forever grateful.

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lauren said...

oh melinda-- i had no idea! hopefully you are on the mend and can feel better soon. :)