Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Nathaniel!!

Happy 4th Birthday Nathaniel!!
A Year In Pictures:
September 2011:
It is much more fun to play with Fall decorations that to decorate with them.

You know a little boy needs a haircut when you can put his hair in pigtails.
October 2011:
Smore's night. Hmmm....hmmmm good!!
Finally old enough to help carve pumpkins!

The ever-present goofy grin when I ask him to smile for the camera.
November 2011:
Tonsil surgery so he can breath better.
A warm Thanksgiving Day
December 2011: 
Cuteness in corduroy makes the frowny face in the Christmas program that much cuter.
 We are understanding presents and Christmas really for the first time.

January 2012:
First day of pre-school. He is so excited to be a "big boy" and go to school with big brother!

The one and only very wet snow. We made a snowman quick enough that when the snow turned to rain, the snowman at least stood for a few more hours.
The "cold winter days" weren't so cold this year.
Much of the time was spent playing outside and this day it was using sticks as belts because, well, little boys can!

Hanging out with brothers and friends.
March 2012:
 The fun of Mother/Son Bowling lasted about .5 seconds.

After that, it was all about keeping track of every one's scores....or erasing them.

More crazy "smile for the camera!"
April 2012:
This really is a year of "firsts." First remembering what a holiday is about.
I thought it would be fun to see just how much he likes this pose!!
May 2012: 
He is on the far left crying, "take it off!"
He didn't want to wear the "dress."
His brother on the other hand, is fully enjoying the limelight.
First day of Summer Vacation we declared "Crazy Hair Day!"
June 2012:
Little buddies philosophizing about blueberries....or something like that.

First ever rodeo.
Note the extreme excitement on his brother's face behind him and the concern on his.

He has NO FEAR of the water!!

 July 2012:
This is the first year he didn't totally flip out at the 4th of July fireworks.
It has been holding ears, covering eyes and crying.
This year is was holding ears, yelling "ahhhh!!! look mommy look!"
"Helping" momma' put down new floors.
Can I say that I'm still seeing the chiropractor? 

First ever Olympics. He got pretty excited.
August 2012:
Yes, I love to smile for the camera!

He's in my face and snugly whether I like it or not.
Most days, I LOVE it!

 Hanging with Uncle Matthew because he's just so cool!

County Fair days get really really really long.

But the unlimited access to all the big equipment, is well worth the lack of sleep.

Best place in the Fair Grounds to chill for a few.

Grandfather's Love: getting into a Ferris Wheel with 3 little grand kids and the attendant saying, "oh, I'm not so sure you aren't above the weight limit on this" and still going on the ride.

Another Fair Plus: unlimited access to the petting zoo for 5 days straight.
They were sleeping on his shoulders after he stopped shaking them to "rescue" the grasshoppers that had hopped into their tire.

First Day of School: 4th Grade, Third Grade, Kindergarten and (next year) Pre-School.
(since my camera was a little off-light).

Our sweet little guy: You bring joy, adventure, tears and laughter to our lives every day. We are so thankful God has blessed our lives by giving us you!

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