Thursday, July 19, 2012

Before and After

 It's Done!!!!
(At least the living room; I still have to finish the stair well).

I love it!
It's warm. Welcoming. Inviting.

Excuse the overly tired looking picture of me and just look at my niece instead. You kind of get a picture of what it looked like before we painted.
I tried to find random pictures so you could see the color and the carpet. The carpet looks good in these pictures, but in reality was badly stained and dirty. And when we ripped it up, It looked like a dirt pile underneath. Nasty.
Now Nathaniel and Ben can both roll around on the floor and I won't have to worry about pulling out the nebulizer or giving him a bath.
Yellow was everywhere. It wasn't a bad yellow; just not what I would have EVER picked to paint in my house...all over. One wall maybe, but everywhere?

We took out the TV; put the recliner in it's place and turned it into a reading corner.

Whenever I get the stairwell done, I'll post that too.
I am excited.

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Adelia said...

It looks so very inviting and wonderful!! And I'm giving a big cheer for no carpet. Your children will definitely breathe easier! :)