Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rice and Beans 2012

Spring is already in full season at our house. This means baby goats, milking, bottle feeding and more pen cleaning.
Spring also means the beginning of Rice and Beans month...of which we are already half way through and I haven't had time to write a thing about.
It's been a crazy month already. Precious Jewel had an emergency eye surgery of which I probably won't get time to write about for some time. Then the flu hit...another reason my writing has been non-existent.
Our family started the Rice and Beans month at the beginning, but somehow over-looked that there was a book to order that would have been so helpful with the kids. I kept waiting for the little pamphlet in the mail and it never came. Then another Rice and Beans momma called and said our family picture was in the devotional book! What? Oops! I vaguely remember someone had mentioning that we were supposed to order the book this year and it had totally slipped my mind with all the stuff going on. I got on and ordered.
It arrived this past Monday right about the time another one fell the the flu. We've dealt with that the last couple of days and put the devotional on the counter, so Luke and I told the kids last night we were starting all over and there would be a lot more encouragement this go around. (We had been doing fairly well on our suppers, but this year in my tiredness and lack of preparedness I was caving to the kid's complaints and allowing them to make sandwiches or eat just the tortilla chips and salsa we often had with our meal).
So... we begin again and we are joining the fun art project that LaHash has challenged us with. It will be a good (New) kick-off for us and fun for the kids.
Happy Rice and Beans Month to us!

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the schilps said...

oh, shoot! casey and i mentioned specifically about having a book sent to you, and, i think we both thought that happened. sorry, melinda! you guys have been so formational in this journey, and, watching you guys participate through the gritty parts of it have inspired so many. i am glad you FINALLY have a book. i am hoping it is helpful. and, i am praying you guys find truths through it you haven't yet.

encouraging and knowing hugs to you all!